Shree Narayan Studios

Bharat Vijan

Bollywood Experience at Tollywood Rates

Three Mumbaites have given Kolkata a gift. Kolkata’s first multi-set, multi-facility film city.

Bharat Vijan, Ambika Vijan and Bhawna Kapoor – real estate developers and film producers from Mumbai, have brought the Bollywood experience to Tollywood.

Shree Narayan Studios offers you state-of-the-art studios with ultra modern facilities for optimum shooting conditions. Designed by renowned art director Gautam Basu of The Japanese Wife fame, the facilities include a range of ready to use sets, saving you time and money. All the sets are fitted with structures to hang lights from, easy cabling facilities and a host of other conveniences that make production easy and painless. From a fully equipped Nightclub to a North Kolkata House, there are ready sets to address every possible need. State-of-the art floors designed by Tata Bluscope.

Shree Narayan Studios, is just a bus ride away from Film Para. Forget an exhausting commute every morning. The studio is en route wherever you come from.

From star to junior artiste, there are makeup rooms and luxurious suites for the ease and comfort of any cast and crew. An in-house canteen gives a range of food options.

Thoughtfully planned fire security measures ensure total safety and a worry free production. Prime infrastructure promises quality filming with better sound proofing than any other studio in Kolkata.

At Shree Narayan Studios you can get the Bollywood experience at Tollywood rates. Shree Narayan Studios believes in giving you an economical and hassle-free experience. 

May the blessings of Tirupati Balaji be with Shree Narayan Studios.

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