Shree Narayan Studios

Director's Peace

  • At Shree Narayan Studios, the amenities keep a director’s peace. From fully-equipped make up suites and rooms, to meals and comfort, Shree Narayan Studios has it all. Keep your focus and stay worry-free. (Talk about not losing your cool since all you want to do is just focus and shoot… not script and shoot)
  • All artistes are taken care of at our studio. Be it junior or senior. Hours of shooting can leave artistes exhausted, but Shree Narayan Studios will make sure that they won’t have any complaints. The studio has dedicated make up rooms and comfort ready for you.
  • The studio’s amenities make sure that the director can focus on filming and not get distracted by problems during shoots. Experience the 7700 sq ft main floor and enjoy the central air conditioning and spacious walkway of 20 feet and the catwalk area that is 40 feet high. Be assured of generator backups of up to .500KVA. Take advantage of the automated rolling shutter gate that makes Shree Narayan Studios the only sound proof studio in Calcutta and puts it at the industry standard of the famous Yash Raj Films Studios.
  • Fire safety is a major concern for you – and for Shree Narayan Studios. All electrical cables have been placed keeping in mind safety measures. Our facilities include a dedicated 1.5 lakh litre water reservoir and a pump room. There’s a water pipe line spread all around for additional fire safety. Each floor at the studio contains fire escape landings while every set is equipped with smoke detectors and sprinklers. Fire extinguishers are available all over the campus.

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